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DSRPA - 2018 Revised By-Laws


Section I - DSRPA By-Laws

Article I - Name and Objective

Article II - Affiliation

Article III - Officers and Presidential Appointments

Article V - Executive Committee

Article VI - Annual Meeting

Article VII - DSRPA Race Committee

Article VIII - Other Committee Appointments

Article IX - Duties of the President

Article X - Duties of the Vice-President

Article XI - Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer & Race Secretary

Article XII - Duties of the Executive Committee

Article XIII - Duties of the Board of Directors

Article XIV - Dues

Article XV - Monetary Allocation

Article XVI - Annual Convention

Article XVII - Honorarium Award

Article XVIII - Enforcement of By-Laws, Race Rules, etc

Article XIX - Operative Date and Amendment Procedure

Section II - DSRPA Race Rules

Article I - Race Rules

Article II - Race Schedule

Article III - Entry Fees

Article IV - Prize Distribution

Article V - Reports

Article VI -Entries Allowed

Article VII - Airline Distances

Article VIII - General Flying Rules

Section III and IV - Convention Rules

Article I - DSRPA Convention Race Rules

Article II - DSRPA Convention Shows

Dixie Southern Racing Pigeon Association
Constitution and By-Laws

Section I - Governing By-Laws

Article I - Name and Objective

This organization shall be known as the Dixie Southern Racing Pigeon Association (DSRPA). The objective of which shall be to promote the breeding and racing of Homing Pigeons and to extend a social and brotherly feeling to all Honorable Fanciers. These By-Laws consist of four (4) sections as follows:

I - Governing By-Laws
II - DSRPA Race Rules
III and IV - Convention Rules

Article II- Affiliation 

There is no requirement that individual member clubs belong to any other pigeon organization. However, all DSRPA members and member clubs must use seamless bands, of racing homer size, issued by an official company or organization which must have rules and procedures to insure that no bands are issued prior to January 1st of each year. Any individual member or member clubs which use bands from any source which does not have such rules and procedures shall not be eligible to compete in any DSRPA sponsored event with birds so banded. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for verifying band sources and deciding appropriate action if any bands are challenged.

The DSRPA may offer membership to clubs located in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Membership will be by invitation to pigeon clubs in the DSRPA geographic area. The Executive Committee may recommend acceptance or rejection of membership applications to the Board of Directors. Upon receipt of membership application and dues all new clubs may compete in DSRPA races on a probationary basis but all new club applications for membership shall be formally accepted or rejected at the next Directors Meeting by a majority vote. Junior clubs with members under 18 years of age shall be eligible for membership, provided however, that all junior clubs shall be sponsored by a senior club and shall be represented on the Board of Directors by an adult DSRPA member who shall be a full member of the Board of Directors. Honorary membership in the DSRPA may be offered for any reason by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and honorary members shall pay no dues.

Article III - Officers and Presidential Appointments

All association officers and directors must be members of the DSRPA. The officers of the DSRPA shall consist of the President, Vice-president, and Secretary-Treasurer. The position of Secretary-Treasurer and Race Secretary may be filled by one person and if one person fills both positions it shall be considered as one office with multiple functions. If the Race Secretary position is held by a separate person; then and in that event, the position of Race Secretary shall not be an officer of the Association and shall be appointed by the President. Publicity Director shall likewise not be an officer of the Association. The President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and Publicity Director shall be elected to a three year term and may succeed themselves. Officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting by a vote.

If the President dies, resigns or becomes unable to serve, he shall be automatically replaced by the Vice-President and all of his duties and powers shall be assumed by the Vice-president. Provided, however, that all Committee appointments made by the President shall stand as appointed for the remainder of what would have been the term of said President. Any vacancy which occurs due to death, resignation, or inability to serve in any officer’s position, other than the President, shall be filled by appointment of a qualified individual or individuals on an interim basis by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Article IV - Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be composed of one member from each member club and will be elected or appointed by the club that they represent. Each member club shall immediately notify the DSRPA Secretary in writing of any change in their Director and in the absence of such notification no Director change shall be recognized. There shall be no limitation on the number of consecutive terms that a Director may serve.

Article V - Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the current officers and the two immediate past Presidents of the DSRPA as mandatory members. There shall also be two members at large who shall be appointed by the President. At least one member of the Executive Committee appointed by the President shall be chosen from one of the Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina or Virginia member clubs, and at least one member shall be chosen from one of the South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama member clubs, so as to assure regional representation on the Executive Committee. All members of the Executive Committee shall be contacted for their vote on all issues. Five members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Committee shall serve a one year term. Phone bills acquired by the Executive Committee for Association business will be submitted to the Audit Committee prior to the Directors Meeting, if found to be in order, the Association will pay same up to a maximum of $100.00.

Article VI – Annual Meeting

An annual meeting of the membership and the board of Directors shall be held between November 1st and December 15th. The Secretary shall notify each member club of the date and location of the annual meeting no more than 45 or less than 30 days prior to the meeting. All new items on the agenda for said meeting shall accompany the notice. Clubs wishing to have items placed on the annual meeting agenda shall submit them in written form to the Secretary no later than September 20th preceding the meeting. Except as otherwise herein provided, there shall be no matters voted on which have not been properly placed on the agenda. An attendance of 50 percent of the Board of Directors, including valid proxies, shall constitute a quorum. In order to be valid, all proxies shall name the club and director being represented and shall name the person authorized to vote the proxy. Proxies shall be signed by the DSRPA Director of the club to be represented and shall be countersigned by the person who is to vote the proxy. Any proxy not specifying votes on particular issues or elections are to be voted by the designated representative as he sees fit. All proxies shall be submitted to the DSRPA Secretary prior to the annual meeting and any proxies not conforming to the above procedures shall be declared null and void. Any controversy surrounding the validity of a proxy shall be decided by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and said vote shall be binding on all clubs. A copy of this procedure, along with a proxy form, shall be enclosed by the Secretary in the mailing of the notice of the annual meeting, so as to avoid confusion on this issue.

Article VII - DSRPA Race Committee

The Executive Committee shall also act as the Race Committee for the DSRPA and shall arbitrate and decide all matters involving the Convention Race and the regular DSRPA races in the manner as specified in the Race Rules and Convention Race Rules sections of these By-Laws.

Article VIII - Other Committee Appointments

The DSRPA Publicity Director may at his discretion appoint a Publicity Committee. The Publicity Director shall be the chairman of the Publicity Committee and the members shall serve a one year term unless replaced by the chairman. The Publicity Committee shall publicize the affairs of the DSRPA and the homing pigeon hobby in general. An appropriation of $75.00 per year is to be allocated to the Publicity Director to cover expenses.

The DSRPA president shall appoint four members at large to serve as an Audit Committee. This Committee shall meet during the annual meeting, but prior to the full board of Directors Meeting, and review the DSRPA financial records as kept by the Secretary-Treasurer. The Committee shall then report to the full Board of Directors at the regular annual Directors Meeting as to the financial status of the Association.

The DSRPA President shall have the power to change his committee appointments during his term of office as the need may arise. The DSRPA President may at his discretion appoint committees other than those enumerated in these By-Laws to address specific needs of the DSRPA.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary-Treasurer to duly record all Committee appointments and to compile a list or committees and their members which shall be available upon request to the Board of Directors or any Association member.

Article IX - Duties of the President

The DSRPA President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, its Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, and shall formulate policy, appoint committees as provided in these By-Laws and shall generally oversee the administration of the affairs of the Association. The DSRPA President shall officially begin his term of office at the Saturday night banquet which concludes the annual meeting immediately after the address of the outgoing President to the membership. All committees and other appointments made by the incoming President shall take office and assume their duties simultaneously with the beginning or the term of the incoming President.

Article X - Duties of Vice President

The DSRPA Vice-President shall serve in the absence or incapacitation of the President and shall have all of the powers and responsibilities of the President in such event, subject only to the restraints placed upon him elsewhere in these By-Laws. Should both the President and Vice President be unavailable when needed, then and in that event the Executive Committee shall elect one of its members to serve in this capacity until either the President or Vice President becomes available.

Article XI - Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer and Race Secretary

The Secretary-Treasurer shall conduct the general correspondence of the Association and have custody of the same. He shall be custodian of all funds and will pay prize money as provided in the By-Laws. He will furnish participating clubs a report showing the results of each race. He is authorized to deduct up to the sum of $300 00 annually from the operating funds, as a stipend for the performance of his duties. He shall present the financial books of the association to an Audit Committee prior to the association directors meeting for their review and approval. The Association will bond the Secretary-Treasurer in the amount of $5,000.00, with the Vice-President holding the bond. This bond will be made prior to the incoming Secretary-Treasurer receiving the funds from the outgoing Secretary-Treasurer. The Race Secretary shall conduct all matters pertinent to the DSRPA Races and shall report the results of all races as soon as practicable after the race is held. The Race Secretary shall see that all DSRPA race rules, as provided elsewhere in these By-Laws, are adhered to and shall have the authority to disqualify any participant or participants who have not adhered to the provisions as set out in the Association Race Rules. Provided, however, that any action which results in the disqualification of a participant may be appealed by the affected participant and shall be subject to review by the DSRPA Executive Committee which may either ratify, modify or reject the actions of the Race Secretary. All notices of appeal must be filed by a disqualified participant with the Race Secretary within 48 hours or the notification of disqualification or said appeal shall be void. Prize monies shall not be disbursed until the time for filing notices of appeal have expired or final action has been taken on an appeal. If a notice of appeal is filed, it must be followed within 72 hours with a written petition of appeal directed to the Executive Committee, who shall conduct a vote on the matter by telephone within 24 hours. The DSRPA President, in his capacity as Chairman of the Executive Committee, shall then transmit the results to the affected participant and prize monies may then be disbursed.

Article XII - Duties of the Executive Committee

In addition to the specific duties as set out elsewhere in these By-Laws, the Executive Committee shall conduct the business of the DSRPA including the formulation of Association policy and may generally implement all matters which do not require a change in these By-Laws. Wherever a By-Law change is necessary, the Executive Committee may recommend such a change, but no action can be taken on the matter until there is a vote by the Board of Directors. A precise record of all Executive Committee actions shall be kept by the Secretary-Treasurer and shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting. If any action taken by the Executive Committee is deemed by the Board of Directors to require an amendment to the By-Laws, the Executive Committee action may be either ratified by the Board of Directors, thus amending the By-Laws, or may be rejected by the Board of Directors in which case the action by the Executive Committee shall be countermanded and the by-laws left un-amended. Only actions by the Executive Committee which clearly require an amendment of the By-Laws or which deal with matters expressly reserved to the Board of Directors in these By-Laws shall be subject to rejection or ratification by the Board of Directors. The DSRPA president shall act as chairman of the Executive Committee.

Article XIII Duties of the Board of Directors

The DSRPA Board of Directors shall have the exclusive right to delete, add to, or amend the By-Laws of the Association. Any action requiring a By-Law amendment or change is expressly reserved to the Board of Directors. Any situation not covered in the By-Laws may be handled by the Executive Committee, but the Board of Directors may, after a review of the Executive Committee action, propose and vote for a specific By-Law change or amendment to clarify or to cover the situation in the future.

Votes to ratify or clarify Executive Committee action which result in a By-Law change may be voted by the Board at the annual meeting even if such proposals have not been submitted for the agenda by September 20th, as required for other amendments. If a By-Law change or amendment, whether occasioned by Executive Committee action or otherwise, is complicated to the point of requiring extensive By-Law drafting, the President, at his option, may direct the Executive Committee to draft the required By-Law change or amendment, consistent with the Board discussion, and submit it for final approval by mail to the Board of Directors immediately after the annual meeting. The directors may vote on these and any periodic emergency matters by mail or telephone with the secretary to record the votes and report same to the DSRPA President.  The DSRPA President shall serve as chairman of the Board of Directors.

Article XIV - Dues

Annual dues to the DSRPA will be $3.00 for each member and $25 for each club, due not later than March 31st. New member(s) and or club(s) dues must be paid not later than August 31st. The Association fiscal year shall end on November 1st of each year.

Article XV - Monetary Allocation

The operating fund shall have deducted there from the sum of $375.00 for publicity committee expenses and the stipend for the Secretary-Treasurer/Race Secretary as provided elsewhere in these By-Laws.

Article XVI - Annual Convention and Optional Show

The DSRPA shall sponsor an annual convention which shall also serve as the annual meeting. All member clubs are eligible to host the annual convention and the host city for the next year shall be decided by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The city chosen by the board shall be required to conduct the convention according to these By-laws as to mandatory convention agenda items (i.e. Directors Meeting, Banquet) and shall conduct the Convention Futurity race in accordance with the rules for each, as found in these By-Laws. Otherwise the host city shall conduct the convention in any manner which they see fit. Refusal to abide by DSRPA By-Laws, on the part of the host city, shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee, which may, in extreme circumstance and as a last resort, chose another member club to host the convention.

The convention city will be responsible for the Secretary-Treasurer’s room and registration (not to exceed two persons).

Article XVII - Honorarium Award

An award represented by a plaque or certificate shall be given annually to the member(s) of the DSRPA, living or dead, who has given outstanding service to the Association or to the pigeon fancy as a whole. This award shall be decided by a vote of the Board of Directors from nominations received from the board, the Executive Committee or the membership at large. There shall be no requirement that nomination for this award be received by the Secretary-Treasurer on or before September 20th as is required for other agenda items.

Article XVIII - Enforcement of By-Laws, Race Rules and Convention Race Rules

All member clubs and individual members of the DSRPA, by virtue of their acceptance of membership, agree to be bound by all sections and articles of the By-Laws as promulgated by the DSRPA. Any breach of these rules or refusal to abide by same shall be grounds for disciplinary action. This action may include suspension or expulsion from the DSRPA, or any other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee. All action taken by the Executive Committee in the form of disciplinary action shall be binding on the member club or individual involved. Any action by the Executive Committee which results in the expulsion from the DSRPA of a club or individual shall be subject to review by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting, at which time the action taken by the Executive Committee may be ratified, modified or overturned by the Board. Any club or individual that resigns or is expelled from the DSRPA forfeits all claim to any assets of the DSRPA and initial acceptance of membership shall constitute a waiver of all such claims and shall act as a bar to any and all legal or equitable action on the part of such individual or club against the DSRPA, its officers and members.

Article XIX – Operative Date and Amendment Procedure

The above By-Laws shall be operative immediately upon a favorable majority vote by the Board of Directors. Any amendments or change in the By-Laws which require extensive drafting or complicated revision may be drafted after the Board of Directors meeting, for a vote at a later date by mail or telephone.

Section II - DSRPA Race Rules

DSRPA Race Rules

The Association will sponsor six races each year – When the clubs schedules the races.

Old Birds:
- 300 Mile Yearling Race “Joe Engel Yearling"
- 300 Mile Open
- 500 Mile Open

Young Birds
- 200 Mile race “Tom Peacock Special"
- 200 Mile Open
- 300 Mile Open

Only seamless bands of the current or preceding year as the case may be, will be eligible for the Joe Engel and Tom Peacock Race. No Split bands allowed.

Each club will fly its regular race station nearest to these distances, provided however, that these race stations must be not more than 30 miles under the designated distances. There is no limit as to the miles over the specified race distance.

A club has the option of flying either on Saturday or Sunday, as long as they fly the weekend designated for that particular race. The 500 mile OB. open race may be released on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. A Friday release will end at sundown on Saturday. A Saturday released will end at sundown on Sunday. A Sunday release will end at sundown on Monday. All reports will be reported by no later than 11:00 pm. (Eastern Time) on Monday.

Each club must submit to the DSRPA race secretary, 30 days before their OB or YB series, their schedule for the DSRPA races. No two races can be held on the same day.

If the weather is unfavorable on the weekend designated for a club’s DSRPA race, they can contact the DSRPA race secretary for approval to reschedule their clubs DSRPA’s races.

In a race in which less than 50% of the shipping Clubs liberate, thus making it officially "No Race", the prize money which would have been paid out will be added in equal parts to the prize funds for the next two consecutive Open Races flown by the Association.

No less than three (3) members of a club can fly in an Association race. Should there be only three club members flying a race, all three members must sign the written report to the DSRPA Race Secretary.

Entry Fees

There will be an entry fee of $1.00 per bird and $1.00 per loft for all races.  10% of the bird entry fee and all of the per loft entry fee will go to the DSRPA operating funds.

Prize Distribution

Based on a one club entry, the following is how the cash prizes will be distributed per club:

3 - 5 lofts - One Cash Prize
6 - 10 lofts - Two Cash Prizes
11 - 15 lofts - Three Cash Prizes
16 - 20 lofts - Four Cash Prizes
21 and more lofts - Five Cash Prizes

There will be a total of twenty (20) cash prizes, divided as follows:

1st Prize - 12%
2nd Prize - 10%
3rd Prize - 9%
4th Prize - 8%
5th Prize - 6%
6th Prize - 6%
7th Prize - 6%
8th Prize - 5%
9th Prize - 5%
10th Prize - 4%
11th Prize - 4%
12th Prize - 4%
13th Prize - 3%
14th Prize - 3%
15th Prize - 3%
16th Prize - 3%
17th Prize - 2%
18th Prize - 2%
19th Prize - 2%
20th Prize - 2%

Any unclaimed prize monies in a race will be equally divided among the places claimed. Any prizes won by member of a Junior Club shall be paid to the Junior Club rather than the individual junior member.

Trophies or plaques for first place and diplomas for all places reported will be provided for each of the races. Cost of all First place Trophies or Plaques shall not exceed $120.00, shall be paid by the Association.


All correspondence and prize fund distributions will be mailed to the affiliated Club’s designated Director. For each race flown, a club’s Director will notify the Race Secretary by telegram, telephone or email, not later than 11 pm, Eastern Time on Monday the week-end of the race, the date flown, release station (city, state), time of release, number of  birds and lofts participating and their liberator’s name. For each prize claimed, the flyers name, bird’s full band number, color, sex, speed (ypm), miles flown and time of arrival.  A full report in writing of their race results will be mailed to the DSRPA Race Secretary as confirmation of the telegram, telephone or email report. This report must be postmarked by midnight Tuesday, following the race to be eligible for prize money.

A copy of entry sheets and a check (not cash) for the amount of entry fees will be mailed to the DSRPA Race Secretary within 24 hours of countermarking.

A liberators form must be mailed on day of liberation and from the city of liberation, to the DSRPA Race Secretary.

Remember - Your Director has three things to do for each race:
1. Mail Entry Sheets and fees within 24 hours of countermarking.
3. Call on Monday to make your initial report.
4. Mail written report by Midnight Tuesday.

Entries Allowed

There will be no limit as to the number of birds entered by anyone member of an affiliated club, except as per local Club/Combine/Concourse rules. No member may compete in an association race from more than one club.

Air Lane Distances

Hammond, Bowen or GPS (Global Positioning System) surveys are acceptable for official mileage computations for race stations. The DSRPA Race Secretary shall be furnished copies of mileage surveys for each member, for the 200, 300, and 500 mile stations. Surveys are only required to be submitted once, unless changes occur. No bent-line surveys may be used in DSRPA Races.

Over And Under Rule

All races must be flown not more than 30 miles under the designated race distance. There is no limit as to the miles over and above the specified race station.

Lenght Of Time For Clocking

All races except the 500 mile races are considered day-of-toss races. The 500 mile race will be considered a two day race, ending 30 minutes after sundown on the day after release, unless released on Monday. If a 500 mile races is released on a Monday it will end 30 minutes after sundown on Monday (day-of-toss race).

Circling Time

The time of liberation is the time that the doors of the baskets or trailers are opened. No time is allowed for circling.

Time Out For Darkness

The night allowance (dead time) for the 500 mile race will be 30 minutes after sunset, day of release, until 30 minutes before sunrise the next day, provided no day birds are clocked.

Time Zone

Time of liberation and time of arrival must be consistent, i.e. birds liberated in Central Time Zone and flying to the Eastern Time Zone must be reported in Eastern Time Zone equivalent.


The President or Race Secretary of the Club will certify the name of the Liberator for birds competing in Association races. This will include exact time of liberation. This should be included with the data mentioned under Reports.

Result Protest

See General Rules.

Section III - DSRPA Convention Race Rules

DSRPA Convention Race Rules

(1) The Host Club will take no more than a 15% cut of the Capital, Pools and Calcutta monies. The amount of this cut shall be disclosed in the pre-race publicity. The host club will pay out a minimum of 20 capital money prizes, with no capital prize less than $100.00 regardless of the formula used. Pool payment will be on the Belgium system of one for ten. Calcutta will pay out a minimum of 20 prizes, with the formula to be decided by the Host Club.

(2) Breeders of race birds will receive a minimum of 60% split of the capital money prizes. The actual % split shall be disclosed in the pre-race publicity.

(3) Breeders shall get first refusal on pooling of his race entries and the handier shall get the second refusal on the pooling of any birds they are handling. These options may be exercised by the breeder and handler up to the start of the Calcutta, at which time any person may take any open pools. Pooling sheets shall be made available for at least one hour prior to the start of the Calcutta for the exercise of these options and will then remain available through out the Calcutta for open participation.

(4) Breeders may pre-buy their own bird(s) in the Calcutta, by paying a fee set by the Host Club. The fee shall be not less than $25.00, and must be paid at least two hours prior to the advertised time for open Calcutta bidding. Should the breeder not execute his option of pre-buying his bird(s), then said bird will go to auction at the Calcutta bidding. 

(5) No local members of the host club will be allowed to enter birds in the Convention Race.

(6) A trophy or plaque will be awarded to the breeder of the race winner and shall be paid for by the host club. Trophies or plaques for handlers or additional places are optional.

(7) The Convention Race will be a minimum distance of 200 miles (170 miles for the shortest flyer) unless weather on the day of the race dictates otherwise.

(8) All handlers with more birds than clock holes shall have a spare clock(s) for clocking extra birds.

(9) All birds arriving prior to the official end of the race as prescribed by the host club Race Secretary will be clocked.

(10) Any dispute or occurrence, which results in a position penalty or the disqualification of a clock, loft or bird shall automatically be arbitrated by the Dixie Southern Racing Pigeon Association Executive Committee with or without a request for said arbitration; provided, however, that if a problem arises which does not result in a position penalty or disqualification and the Host Club race committee resolves the problem, the DSRPA Executive Committee shall not intervene unless asked to do so by the Host Club race Committee or the breeder of a race bird. All decisions of the DSRPA Executive Committee shall be binding on the Host Club, its members, the breeders of race birds and all people otherwise concerned with the outcome or results of the race.

(11) Ownership of all birds sent to the member club hosting the Convention Race, for entry in said race, shall automatically become the property of such club. Provided, however, that all such birds shall be properly trained and all handlers are required to enter their birds in the Convention Race, if they are healthy and survive the training regimen. If an individual bird or birds is alive and in a handlers loft, but is not entered in the convention race for any reason, the disposition of such bird or birds shall then revert to the breeder; no entry fees shall be refunded unless wrong doing on the part of the handier is proven, but in any event the breeder may direct the handler to either keep the bird, dispose of the bird or return the bird to him at the breeder's option. Any disputes regarding the subject matter of this paragraph are to be resolved by the Executive Committee.

(12) The host city race bird committee will be responsible for notifying the breeders of the convention race birds with the handler’s names within 10 days of receiving birds. All convention race handlers are required to notify breeders of convention race birds a minimum of three (3) times regarding the status of their entries. This should be done when a bird is settled to assigned loft, while it is being trained and approximately three weeks before the race. A breeder must be notified within 10 days after a bird has been lost.  The executive committee shall investigate all complaints regarding violations of this rule. If in their opinion they find violations they are authorized to levy a fine against the convention host club. The amount of the fine will be determined by the severity of the violations.

(13) The host club, race bird breeders, handlers and other persons concerned with the outcome or results of the convention race shall, by the fact of their participation, accept and be bound by these Race Rules plus all other rules imposed by the host club. By said participation and acceptance all parties waive any and all remedies otherwise available to them and agree to hold harmless the host club and the Dixie Southern Racing Pigeon Association from any and all Legal action.

(14) Refusal to abide by these rules on the part of the club hosting the convention or by any race, participant or DSRPA member shall be grounds for suspension or expulsion from the DSRPA or other disciplinary action at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Any disciplinary action shall be decided by a majority vote of said committee voting where a quorum is present and shall be subject to the procedures as set out elsewhere in these By-Laws: and

(15) The club hosting the convention shall have the right to impose additional rules and requirements concerning the convention race so long as said rules or requirements are not in derogation of these rules.

(16) Convention Host Club has 30 days after the race to post to the participants as following:
1. Breeder/Handler per position
2. Speed of birds in ypm.
3. Corrected time clocked
4. Distance flew
5. Number of entries per loft
6. Details of all Capital, Calcutta’s and Pool payouts

Section IV - DSRPA Convention Shows

DSRPA Convention Shows

Optionally, the Host Club may sponsor a Show, and will be responsible for all associated Show Rules, Classes, Prizes, Judges, etc. 

These By-Laws were updated, January 2018 to reflect changes approved by Dixie Directors in their meeting in 2007 thru 2017!